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The Home of Authentic Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Punjabi Rasoi is the First Ever Pure Vegetarian Punjabi and Indian Restaurant in LONDON. Punjabi Rasoi is one of the famous Indian restaurants to open in London and is certainly among the best known, both for its great prices and great food. Cooking is a skill that comes straight from the heart, just like all passions in life – it takes a modest effort, and lots of motivation.

Located in North London, Punjabi Rasoi is the ideal place. You can either have a quick meal or a more formal dinner in an elegant yet comfortable ambience, where service is truly trained. In any case, it will be a little journey to India, to its flavours and colours.

At Punjabi Rasoi you will find a wide range of pure vegetarian  dishes. We only use fresh ingredients and follow traditional recipes from authentic Indian cooking.


Authentic ~ Indian ~ Vegetarian 

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